Human Ressource Management

07.04.17 13:30 Uhr bis 16:45 Uhr
Hochschule Merseburg, Hauptgebäude E/0/10


Participants know and understand:

  • basic theories relevant to the fi eld of Human Resource Management and leadership
  • common HR problems and practical HR applications and concepts used in organizations of all sizes; current and future challenges to HRM


They acquire the skills:

  • to understand and critically refl ect basic HR knowledge and to deepen it independently
  • to analyze and defi ne the role of HR management and line managers in typical organizational situations, find practical solutions and justify as well as implement them
  • to expediently communicate with others and reach goals together
  • to autonomously search for material, critically analyze texts and achieve reasonable results

I. HR Administration/HR metrics/Labor Relations

  • Administration (e.g. personnel fi les, payroll services, HRIS, applicant ma- nagement, HR reporting)
  • Measuring HR (e.g. HR fi gures, cost planning, risk controlling)
  • Collaboration with the works council and labor unions

II. Basics of Organization

  • Theoretical aspects of organizing
  • Design and documentation of organizational structures and processes
  • Centralization, Outsourcing, Off shoring

III. Work Task and Performance Management

  • Assignments, delegation and 'management by objectives'
  • Working time models and workplace design/workplace resources
  • Feedback systems and performance appraisals

IV. Motivation and Compensation

  • Motivation theory and rewards systems
  • Compensation and benefi ts (e.g. pension plans)

V. Collaboration in Teams

  • Coordinative communication in teams
  • Cooperation, conflict management and team development

VI. Health and Change

  • Health Management; stress reduction
  • Work-life balance and family support
  • Change management

VII. Basics of Human Resource Management and Leadership

  • Roles, tasks and value contribution of HRM; history
  • Leadership theories and leadership styles
  • Leadership tasks and instruments
  • HR structures (e.g. business partner, model; HR shared services, HR outsourcing)
  • Strategic Human Resource Management

VIII. Culture and Diversity

  • Corporate culture
  • Diversity management, demographics
  • Rule compliance

IX. Recruitment and Marketing

  • Needs planning and HR marketing;
  • Target group approach and relationship management
  • 'Talent management'

X. Selection and Onboarding

  • Principles and instruments of personnel selection (e.g. job interviews, appli-cation documents, assessment centers)
  • Hiring (contract negotiation and draft; onboarding)

XI. Separation and Retention

  • Personnel reduction and individual separation; support measures (e.g. 'Transfergesellschaften'; 'outplacement')
  • Employee retention

XII. Personnel Development and Organizational Development

  • Qualification needs analysis and evaluation
  • Internal/external training

Target Group: Incoming and outgoing students from Hochschule Merseburg and external interested persons.

University Teacher: Prof. Dr. Boris Kaehler, Professur für Allgemeine BWL, Organisations- und Personalpsychologie, Hochschule Merseburg

Duration: 15 weeks

Date: 07.04.2017 (weekly) friday, 13:30 p.m. - 16:45 p.m.

Workload: 150 h (contact time 60h, self study 90h)

Credits: 5

Place: main building Hg E/0/10

Costs: 1.000 € for external participants

Online registrations are possible via the following link: