Living at HoMe

A study program must educate, of course. It must help students to develop their own competences, skills, and prepare them for their future occupation as thoroughly as possible. Being a student, however, is one of the most influential aspects of a student’s life.

A student’s life not only consists of the academic education at an institute of higher education; there is also a life before, between and especially after lectures.

It may be an advantage to know the opening hours of the students’ club; or the cafeteria’s menu. It is also important to know which recreational and sports activities are offered, the diverse leisure opportunities and event locations of the city of Merseburg, but also where the Students Union is based.

The opportunities which the campus and the city of Merseburg have to offer are far more diverse than you might think. The factors constituting such an attractive combination are the individual projects run by the departments or the Rectorate, a distinct sports program, students’ clubs, and -  last but not least -  the students’ life style against the backcloth of the historical spirit of Merseburg.