chill and grill - meet your mentor

Kategorie: International HoMe
17:00 Uhr
Wärmi (Rudolf-Bahro-Str. 18 on campus)

New at Hochschule Merseburg and somewhat lost? It's the best time to get to know other (new) students from Germany and from around the world! 

Also, meet your mentors who will guide you through everyday campus life and help you with any problems!

Come join us for a Chill & Grill on 5 October 2022, starting at 5 pm at Wärmi student club (Rudolf-Bahro-Str. 18 on campus).

You are invited to enjoy delicious grilled food (meat, vegetarian, vegan).

Please register by 30 September 2022!


Here's to a great start to the semester at Hochschule Merseburg!

#AllYouCanMeet #AYCM


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