The Concept

Experiencing the Big Picture

From Lab Innovation to Plant Realization

Our goal is to expose the trainees to a comprehensive experience of developing a processing plant based on a rough sketch from laboratory data through process modeling and simulation, and developing it further into the necessary engineering tasks for designing the actual plant.

Integration of Disciplines

Interconnecting a wide cross-section of engineering and management activities

Process Engineering is typically build around (bio-)chemical processes. Chemistry, bio-chemistry, physics and mathematics are staple competencies for any process engineer. However, developing, building, optimizing and operating a plant requires a lot more insights, which is necessary for the engineer to be knowledgeable about and experienced.

Fostering an Innovative Spirit

Experience driven training for augmenting standard academic training

The more those insights are available to the engineer, the more he/she can venture into creative solutions. Most innovative solutions come from the combination of expertise and insights from many different disciplines. In many cases, it is not necessary to become a specialist in a related field but simply understanding how to ask the right question and what to challenges to expect. This can be trained though an experience-oriented training which allows the trainer to fill-in-the-blanks in specialized areas to develop the needed understanding.

Custom-designed Training Curriculum

Training to fit your industry and specialization

Our curriculum revolves around building a processing plant starting from chemical, biotechnological insights. Based on our clientele, we will select and develop a curriculum for a selected industry or work with our own proven and tested process examples. Whether gas processing or wastewater plants, bulk material processing and handling or beverage processing, our service includes the development of a training scenario tailor-made for our clients.

Target Groups

Numerous reasons may call for our comprehensive process engineering experience, but always foster a cooperative spirit at the workplace, developing understanding of the individual challenges of colleagues and specialists in their work team alike. For the various target groups we train for the following outcome:

for entry-level engineers and graduates

  • Transforming academic knowledge to engineering competence

  • Jump-start graduates into the Process Engineering profession

for technicians and specialists

  • Providing fundamental understanding beyond expert knowledge
  • Drawing the big picture and interdependencies for a better integration of in-house, client and supplier communication.

for non-technical staff and management trainees

  • Developing basic insights into the tasks and challenges in the process engineering field,
  • Understanding the business processes involved,
  • Enhancement of a solution-oriented, low-hazard communication style with their technical staff and colleagues.
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