Courses in English

Offers for Engineers
TitleCreditsTermTarget Group
Piezoelectric Sensors and Actuators5 CPWinterMaster
Fibre Reinforced Plastics5 CPWinterMaster
Polymer Processing5 CPWinterMaster
Instrumental Analytics of Polymers 5 CPWinterMaster
Model-based Design5 CPWinterMaster
Transport Phenomena in Fluids and Thermal Engineering5 CPWinterBachelor and Master
Design of Integrated Circuits5 CPWinter and SummerBachelor and Master
Mobile Communications2.5 CPSummerMaster
Polymer Testing5 CPSummerMaster
Practial study project in combination with Technical English10 CPSummerStudents
Offers for Business Students
TitleCreditsTermTarget Group
Supply Chain Management2,5 CPSummerAdvanced Bachelor or Master
International Financial Management5 CPWinter and SummerBachelor
Offers for Students of Social Work. Media. Culture
TitleCreditsTermTarget Group
Adult education against right-wing-populism - international perspectives2.5 CPWinterBachelor
Artistic Design5 CPWinter / SummerBachelor
Globalization and Culture2.5 CP Winter Bachelor
Regional Cultural Diversity
2.5 CPWinterBachelor
Conceptions of Culture in contemporary far-right discourse: The Identitarian Movement2.5 CPSummerBachelor
Criticizing contemporary far-right ideologies2.5 CPSummerBachelor
The Unconditional Basic Income - concepts and perspectives2.5 CPSummerBachelor
Cycle Touring (part II)  2.5 CPSummerBachelor
Language Offers
TitleCreditsTermTarget Group
Germany in an Intercultural Context
for International Students
2 CPWinter / SummerInternational students of all departments
German as a Foreign Language    A1 - A2
for International Students
2 CPWinter / SummerStudents of all departments
German as a Foreign Language    B1 - B2
for International Students

5 CP

Winter / Summer       Students of all departments
Business English B25 CPWinterBusiness students
French A1 - A2 2 CPWinter / SummerStudents of all departments
Spanish A1 - A22 CPWinter / SummerStudents of all departments