Best Practice Recommendations for the Safe use of Lung Ultrasound

02.12.2022, Forschung Publikationen

Best Practice Recommendations for the Safe use of Lung Ultrasound

Klaus-V. Jenderka et. al.



The safety of ultrasound is of particular importance when examining the lungs, due to specific bioeffects occurring at the alveolar air-tissue interface. Lung is significantly more sensitive than solid tissue to mechanical stress. The causal biological effects due to the total reflection of sound waves have also not been investigated comprehensively. On the other hand, the clinical benefit of lung ultrasound is outstanding. It has gained considerable importance during the pandemic, showing comparable diagnostic value with other radiological imaging modalities. Therefore, based on currently available literature, this work aims to determine possible effects caused by ultrasound on the lung parenchyma and evaluate existing recommendations for acoustic output power limits when performing lung sonography. This work recommends a stepwise approach to obtain clinically relevant images while ensuring lung ultrasound safety. A special focus was set on the safety of new ultrasound modalities, which had not yet been introduced at the time of previous recommendations. Finally, necessary research and training steps are recommended in order to close knowledge gaps in the field of lung ultrasound safety in the future. These recommendations for practice were prepared by ECMUS, the safety committee of the EFSUMB, with participation of international experts in the field of lung sonography and ultrasound bioeffects.


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