Engineering and Management

Engineering and Management
Bachelor of Engineering Vollzeit 6 Semester Wintersemester beschränkt Englisch

Take off internationally!

This Bachelor's degree programme combines four important subject areas, guaranteeing professional success on the international stage. Engineering and the Natural Sciences, Business and Economics, Communication and Intercultural Knowledge, and Foreign Languages. The programme is taught in English and is offered by two universities - Merseburg University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg. Specialists from both institutions teach in their respective fields to guarantee you the best possible study experience. A promising combination of theory and practice as well as technology and business.

Training objectives

The educational goal is to train competent engineers and provide them with both a comprehensive knowledge of economics and intercultural and language skills. They should be able to understand and analyse international markets as well as technical and logistical processes and be familiar with the technical equipment and production facilities entrusted to them. Through their training in Germany and being taught German or a third foreign language, graduates also gain the key to establishing future business relationships and effectively shaping international production chains and trade relations.



There are four profile-forming thematic fields.


First of all, the fundamentals of the natural sciences are laid down in mathematics, physics and chemistry courses. Then, engineering fundamentals are taught by focusing on materials science, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, mechanics and electrical engineering. In-depth courses are then offered in different fields of Process Engineering, such as Process Engineering, Equipment in Processes, Process Control and Sustainable Energy Supply. Then, in so-called compulsory electives, students can specialise in Biotechnology, Environmental Technology, CAD and Plant Engineering. These modules are run by Merseburg University of Applied Sciences in a very application-oriented manner and have a large practical component.

Communication and Intercultural Knowledge

Communication is particularly important in an international context. Intercultural knowledge is invaluable for successful communication, so a very specific module addresses and teaches this topic.

Business and Economics

Modules from the Business and Economics Bachelor's programme, run by the Martin Luther University, are used here. Subjects range from Financial Accounting, Statistics I and II, Cost Accounting, Principles of Investment right up to a large selection of other elective modules, which, in effect, represent the entire Bachelor's programme in Business and Economics. In addition, Merseburg University of Applied Sciences offers modules in logistics.


Language is the key to understanding. The degree programme is taught in English, nevertheless, students who do not come from German-speaking countries learn German (DaF) with 5 ECTS per semester in the first 5 semesters of the study programme. Students who come from German-speaking countries take intensive English language courses comprising Business English and Technical English instead. Furthermore, a second foreign language, Spanish, can be studied over three semesters.



Study content and modules

The content of the study programme is divided into four areas which are colour-coded in the module plan.

Blue = Engineering

Green = Business and Economics

Orange = Languages

Red = Communication and Intercultural Knowledge

Yellow = Internship and Bachelor thesis

The elective subjects are shown in the two tables below. Two modules each with 5 ECTS must be selected and completed from the technical and economic areas.



Career prospects

As the economy is becoming increasingly global, the need for engineers with a good business knowledge is constantly growing. Whether in a regional technology company as a managing director or as a project manager involved in the construction of a production plant somewhere in the world or with a global player in technical sales, today’s industrial engineers are versatile. With their in-depth knowledge of both technical and economic aspects, they are the link between two highly specialized worlds - engineering and economics.




Admission to this degree program is restricted (NC).

Merseburg University of Applied Sciences does not accept applications from applicants with foreign educational qualifications directly, but has them checked by .

The application deadline for winter semester for application via uni-assist is:

15th of June.

Important information: the application procedure via uni-assist for the winter semester 2023/24 is now open for all study programs, including the new Bachelor programme "Engineering and Management".


Applicants with German educational certificates can submit their application directly to Merseburg University of Applied Sciences by 15 July.


For information on application and enrolment please contact:

Ms  Carmen Pars  (


Student Counselling

Elisa Karau-Unkroth
Allgemeine Studienberaterin
Raum: Hg/G/1/17
Telefon: +49 3461 46-2321

Course Coordination

Verena Neumann
Studiengangskoordinatorin Engineering and Management
Raum: Hg/E/1/10
Telefon: +49 3461 46-2606

Academic Advice

Prof. Dr. Ulf Schubert
Professor für Verfahrenstechnik / Apparate und Anlagen
Raum: Hg/C/3/04
Telefon: +49 3461 46-2078

EXCLUSIVE INSIGHTS Engineering and Management – What do our students think of their new study programme "Engineering and Management"?


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EXCLUSIVE INSIGHTS Engineering and Management – What do our students think of their new study programme "Engineering and Management"?

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