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Consultation and Coaching for Doctoral Students


consultation offers for more clarity in your mind


As a person interested in doing a doctorate or a current doctoral student you may have many questions. We offer a variety of consultation services to help you get the right answers.

No matter what your concerns are, feel free to arrange a consultation appointment and we will support you with the counselling format that suits you.



Individual Consultation to Promote Early Career Researchers

GradNet offers you individual and confidential consultation and accompanies you in all phases of your academic career. Topics of personal consultation may include, for example, financing options for your doctorate, organizational matters, questions about your decision to do a doctorate or information about careers within and outside academia.

We will also be very happy to advise you on organizational questions and formalities surrounding starting a doctorate at a Doctoral Center.


Advisor: Sandra Dietzel (Speaker of Promoting Early Career Researchers, Merseburg University of Applied Sciences)
Scope/Duration: depending on the topic of the consultation session - max. 1 hour; online, by phone or in person
Registration:  by arrangement via


Solution-Oriented Individual Coaching

Are you frustrated with your doctorate? While writing your dissertation, there are phases that are difficult or unsettling. For example, your own self-management and time management do not work out or difficulties arise concerning the supervision of your doctorate. For more clarity in your mind, GradNet offers you the opportunity to work on your personal concerns in individual coaching sessions. Those sessions take place in a confidential and solution-oriented manner. In this way, you can reflect upon your resources, strengths and obstacles and find a good way to deal with hurdles and challenges.


Coach:    Sandra Dietzel (Speaker of Promoting Early Career Researchers, Merseburg University of Applied Sciences)
Scope/Duration:max. 1 hour, several appointments possible; online as well as in person
Registration: by arrangement via


Collegial Consultation

Would you like some feedback on your professional questions and key topics from "like-minded people" (peer-to-peer)? Do you seek feedback from colleagues or doctoral researchers who are in a similar situation to you? Collegial consultation provides insights and new impulses. This program supports you via well structured, trusting consultation talks using the existing knowledge and experience of the group. Joint solution options are developed for each individual case.


Registration: via;
A joint appointment is possible after a registration of at least 4 people.
Scope/Duration:  2 hours



Sandra Dietzel
Referentin für Nachwuchswuchsförderung Verbundprojekt CASE und GradNet
Raum: Rz/A/0/32
Telefon: +493461 46-2361

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